About Alda Medical Group

Alda Medical Group has been helping people lose weight for over 15 years by providing the highest standard in weight loss and supporting our patients with a smooth transition to a new, healthy way of living. Here at Alda Medical, we help hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off with our comprehensive approach that incorporates nutrition management and staying active.

Weight loss is a struggle for many adults due to stress, life style, and poor choices in food. Here at Alda Medical we focus on an approach to weight loss that is based on providing the fundamentals of weight loss and how to maintain your desired weight. We offer more than appetite suppressants; we teach patients how to transition to a healthier lifestyle under the supervision of a physician. We cater to each individual’s needs and understand that just one regimen does not work for all. We are successful in helping people lose weight, and our success is in our practice of tailoring programs to best fit the needs of our patients.

Our goal is to provide you with a long-term and effective way of managing your weight. We have a proven track record for promoting healthier living through portion control, daily activity, and giving our patients the confidence to live a robust new life.



Our clinics have only two simple objectives:

• Determine what you the patient wants to do (Your Goals)
• Help you achieve your goals


First thing we have to do is determine your goals. There is ONLY one way to do this -- you have to tell us! The doctor will get this information by interviewing you. This is your chance to be talkative and tell the doctor your “wish list.”

Next, we have to develop a program for you that will help you achieve your goals. We will design your program keeping this in mind:

• Your Goals
• Your Daily schedule/routine
• Your medical history and present health
• The amount of effort you want to put in
• Your budget

In order to design this personalized program for you we will need to know more about you. First, you’ll need to answer a questionnaire concerning your medical history. Then the doctor will give you a general and brief physical examination. A blood test is also highly recommended to determine exactly what your medical status is (i.e. cholesterol, sodium, fat levels, etc.). We can give you a blood test here or you can go to a nearby laboratory to have it done. Now it is your turn to do our homework and develop a program for you.

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